Beginners’ Bread

Today I made bread.

It was my first time and in all honesty I didn’t think it was going to work. this had nothing to do with concerns over the recipe or its instructions, it’s just me. When I try anything new, I invariably mess it up somehow.

If anything, this recipe is so incredibly easy that it’s pretty much fool proof (usually I am the one exception that tests this theory). With only 3 ingredients and a very easy step by step guide, this is the perfect recipe for first time bread makers who don’t have a bread maker or mixer.

I have to admit I did use my mixer however, this was- i’ll admit- completely unnecessary. I only used it because it’s brand new, unused and I have been looking for any excuse to finally try it out.


Isn’t she beautiful? She’s a Kenwood ‘Barcelona’ kMix

With the bread, I was particularly concerned about the rising time and temperature. The instructions stated for it to be left to rise for 12 hours in an 18 degree environment. As I was baking / cooking for a good portion of yesterday it was easy to leave it in the kitchen for a good 4/5 hours during this time and afterwards as heat remained.
Once the room cooled I then moved it up to the bathroom as it is the toastiest room in the house when the heating comes on. Once we had gone to bed however and the heating goes off, the whole house cools (which was again, a worry).

Unlike my parent’s house we are not blessed with an airing cupboard (which would have been perfect) so not only did I not think it had received the relevant amount of time to rise in an ideal environment, but I doubted if the movement from one location to the next would have done it any good- in baking I have learned that consistency is the key (in texture and in method) so I did have my reservations about the inconsistencies of temperature and location during the 12 hours.


Despite my reservations however, the bread has baked perfectly! The rustic and crunchy exterior gives way to a beautifully textured, aired and soft, chewy centre. Warmed up with butter this is delicious and I can’t wait to have it with my soup at work tomorrow.

A rustic exterior with a soft and chewy interior- beautiful!

If you are interested in giving this a go, I used this recipe from Le Coin d Mel which is simple and easy to follow- perfect for any beginner.